November 22, 2016

Dear Members of the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools Community,

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, the New York State Department of Health enacted emergency legislation mandating that schools across the state test all water sources for lead contamination. This regulation enacted by the New York State Department of Health established an action level of lead in drinking water of 15 parts per billion. As such, the new regulation requires sampling of ALL water outlets in schools, including those not used for drinking water (sinks in science laboratories, bathroom sinks, custodial sinks, etc.). Information on the new legislation can be found HERE.

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools retained J.C. Broderick & Associates, Inc., an environmental consulting and testing firm, to test the water in all of our buildings in compliance with the new regulation and the testing deadlines. Of the 666 water outlets tested District-wide, preliminary results received today identified only 34 “high-priority” water outlets that exceeded the Department of Health recommended lead levels of 15 parts per billion. A “high-priority” water outlet is one that is likely used for drinking or in the preparation of food.

All 34 of these water outlets were immediately taken out of service. A list of the “high priority” water outlets removed from service by building follows this letter.

We expect to receive the final report from J.C. Broderick & Associates next week listing the complete results for the remaining non-potable water outlets in the District. This report will be shared with the Department of Health and posted on the District Website.

Upon receipt of the final report, the District will enact the recommended remediation plan for all remaining affected water outlets. Remediation may include fountain, faucet and/or pipe replacement. Once remediation is complete, all affected water outlets will be re-tested as applicable to ensure that they are safe for use and in compliance with the Department of Health guidelines. As always, the health and safety of our students, staff, and community remains our highest priority.

We will update the community as the remediation plan is finalized and moves forward. In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kim Parahus, Director of School Facilities & Operations at (516) 792-4805.

Thank you for your support as we take all of the necessary measures to ensure safe, clean water for all members of the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools community.

Warm regards,


Ralph Marino, Jr., Ed.D.



Location of District Water Outlets Removed from Service on 11/22/16


Franklin Early Childhood Center

Fountain in Kindergarten Room 1

Fountain in Music Room

Fountain in Room 104

Fountain in Room 102

Faucet in Nurse’s Office


Hewlett Elementary School

Handwashing Sink in Kitchen (2)

Faucet in Kitchen

Pasta Kettle in Kitchen (2)

Spray Nozzle in Kitchen


Ogden Elementary School

Faucet in Kitchen (3)


Woodmere Middle School

Fountain in Room 225

Fountain in Hallway near Room 115

Sink in Nurse’s Office

Spray Nozzle in Kitchen

Faucet in Kitchen (3)


Hewlett High School

Faucet in Kitchen (5)

Handwashing Sink in Kitchen (3)

Water Fountain in Pool Area (2)


Woodmere Education Center

Fountain in Hallway (3)