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    About the Library

    Library Media Specialist: Mrs. Christine Storz, MLIS

    Library Hours: 8:05am - 2:40pm


    Library Procedures

    All students in grades 2 through 5 visit the library once each 6-day cycle.


    Each student may borrow one book per week of their choice. Students are encouraged to vary their book selection between fiction and nonfiction.


    Students must return all library books before borrowing new books. If a student does not return his or her book during regular library time, he or she is welcome to come down to the library on day 2 or day 6 before 8:30am and bring it to the circulation desk.


    Special Library Collections

    A unique part of the Hewlett Elementary School Library Media Center is the Special Collections. The Special Collections contain three memorial collections in honor of very special community members:

    ·      The Susan Krull Collection, with a variety of quality fiction books and series for older readers 

    ·      The Tina Polan Collection, which highlights careers

    ·      The Patricia Disken Collection, which highlights poetry

    ·      The Mildred David Tolerance and Friendship Collection, which contains fiction and nonfiction contemporary books related to the themes of tolerance and friendship

    ·   The Sandra Pensak Principal's Bookshelf, with HES's large collection of Books of the Month


    District Library Program

    The K-12 Library Syllabus can be found by clicking here.

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