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Root Hormone and Tradescantia zebrina

Root Hormone and Inch Plant Cuttings
Experimenters:  Dean Elefante and Jonathan Miller 
Problem:  How does cloning gel influence root growth of Tradescantia zebrina (Inch Plant) cuttings. 
Hypothesis: Cuttings treated with cloning gel will result in a larger mass of new roots due to chemicals contained in the cloning gel which strengthen new roots.
 Experimental Design:  Two 1020 growing trays were filled with 6 liters of perlite.  40 cuttings (each approximately 6 cm in length) were taken from a mature Tradescantia zebrina.  20 cuttings were treated with cloning gel and 20 were left untreated.  The cuttings were placed in perlite and kept moist under a humidity dome for approximately one month.        Please enjoy the following selection of pictures.
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