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Philanthropic Plant Sale

Students in Mrs. Anci’s class spent several month in the greenhouse and in their classroom preparing for a plant sale that will raise money that will be donated to the Red Cross to help in the relief effort for victims of hurricanes.  The student’s visited the greenhouse to learn about proper plant propagation techniques.  The student then had the opportunity to take cutting from several of the mature species of plants that exist in the greenhouse.  Students took cutting from croton, coleus, jade, hanging waffle, as well as several other plants in the greenhouse.  After about one month of careful attention the plants were ready to be transplanted from the rooting media (perlite) into potting soil.  The students were shown how to transplant and spent several days making approximately 100 plants that will be sold for this philanthropic purpose. 

Many thanks for the help of Mrs. Kearney.  Please enjoy the following selection of pictures.   

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