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Growing Media and Radish Growth

Growing Media and Radish Growth

Experimenters: Sofia Di Scipio and Shanzeh Sadiq 

Problem: How does growth media influence the germination and early growth of radish plants?

Hypothesis: Vermicompost will produce the highest germination percentage and mass for the radish seeds due to its ability to protect seedlings from diseases, also because it nourishes and sustains plantlife.

Experimental Design:  Four different growth media (vermicompost, potting soil, sand, and peat moss) were used to germinate and grow radishes.  Five liters of each separate growth media were placed in four identical 1020 growing trays.  Three rows of radish seeds were sown in each of the four different growth media.  The trays were watered as needed and placed in the greenhouse of the OEC.  Humidity domes were place over each of the trays.  Measurements will be taken for percent germination and early stage growth. Please enjoy the following selection of pictures.

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