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Greenhouse Station Rotation

Due to their extreme interest, the sixth grade students on team 6B spent some time really getting to know the WMS Greenhouse.  In groups, the students chose one of the six major areas of the greenhouse (aquaponics, hydroponics, vermicompost, desert biome, tropical biome, and the carnivorous bog).  The students used a variety of research tactics to find out as much information that they could about the topic and became “experts”.  The variety of research methods included Internet research, interviewing Mrs. Kearney and Dr. Mossey (the Greenhouse experts), and watching videos.  Individually, the students took notes on their given topics.  They then came together with their groups and used google docs on the Chrome books to put together their information.  By learning how to use google docs, the students were able to work at the same time and give each other immediate feedback.  After creating presentations, the students then took it to the Greenhouse.  The “expert” groups taught the rest of the class about their topic.  The students took notes about the presented topic and then it was then discussed as a whole class.

Please enjoy the following selection of pictures taken during the lessons.

Many thanks to Mrs. Hoolan.  

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