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Elementary Schools Vist the OEC

Elementary Schools Visit the OEC  

Third grade students from Ogden and Hewlett Elementary Schools visited the Outdoor Environmental Center to participate in an in-district field trip focusing on ecology.  The students had the opportunity to participate in three separate activities during the visit.  The activities focused on pond habitat, botany and gardening, and the importance of pollinators.  Specifically students learned about abiotic and biotic factors that influence pond health.  They used probes and chemical testing kits to measure the levels of  dissolved oxygen and ammonia.  Students also learned about photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.  They had the opportunity to transplant a pumpkin seedling and discuss gardening techniques and growth patterns.  In addition, the students became bees and plants and played a game centered on the important role that pollinators play in the ecosystem.  

 The student also visited the greenhouse at the OEC and had the opportunity to view and ask questions about aquaponics, hydroponics, vermicomposting, tropical and desert plants, and many other exciting plants that are currently growing at Woodmere Middle School. The staff from Ogden and Hewlett Elementary Schools and Woodmere Middle School had fun putting together this exciting and informative day.  Please enjoy the following selection of photos. 


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