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Building the Sugarcane Grove

Sugarcane: Sweet Sticks at the OEC

During the past two years students and staff have been working on creating a sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) grove in the OEC at WMS.  It started with one plant donated by the Freiberg-Longaro family (many thanks!).  Cuttings were taken the first year of the project (2015-2016) that resulted in two healthy sugarcane plants.  During the current school year (2016-2017) the staff refined the cutting process and experimented with different techniques.  Sugarcane cuttings were rooted in hydroponics water, wet perlite and traditional potting soil.  These efforts have paid dividends.  The sugarcane grove at WMS is now approximately 20 healthy plants.  Future projects include historical lessons on the importance of sugarcane as a trade good, ancient and modern sugarcane processing techniques and uses, and a continued efforts to understand how best to turn cuttings into healthy new plants.    

    Please enjoy the following selection of photographs.

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