Dear FECC Families:  

                Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum.  They can be productive, exciting experiences.  What makes them successful and exciting is the close cooperation of parent and teacher to the benefit of all students on the trip.  In an ideal situation we would like all parents of a particular class or grade to accompany us on a trip.  Due to space considerations, transportation costs, admission costs etc. we are necessarily constrained and can only have a limited number of chaperones on any excursion off school grounds.  

                The number of parent chaperones is usually arrived at by a predetermined adult/child ratio set by the trip site or conferencing between the teachers to arrive at a specific number that will provide adequate support and supervision to ensure a safe and sound experience.  If you are selected or are a volunteer who is chosen to accompany your child’s class please keep the following considerations in mind:  

    1.      Assist the teacher in keeping the class together.  This means keeping a watchful eye out for stragglers, wanderers, and independent explorers.  Position yourself in relation to the other adults on the trip. Several adults walking together and chatting is enjoyable for you but does not make the trip any better or safer for our youngsters.

    2.      Please assist at lunchtime.  There is often a makeshift eating area on our Field trips.  Lunch should be an enjoyable time where experiences are shared (not lunches, however, since there are so many children with food allergies.)  Help make lunchtime enjoyable for all of the children.

    3.      Please escort children to the bathroom, keeping a watchful eye on the children to ensure their safety.     

    4.     In the event of an emergency or an illness you may be asked to remain with a specific child while the rest of the group continues with the trip.      

    5.      Please do not leave the group without notifying the teacher.

    6.      Please do not leave with your child to purchase an item in a gift shop or give him//her permission to do so.

    7.      Siblings are not permitted on any of our class trips.

    8.      No cell phone use, except for emergencies.

    These guidelines are to help chaperones ensure the safety for our children.


    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.,