If your child will be absent please call our nurse, Caroline Bormann, at 792-4610




    September 2023

    Dear FECC Families,


    We would like to remind you about our school district procedures, as stated in our school district calendar.


    Student attendance is essential for successful learning.  There are at least 180 days of instruction required for pupils each year.


    The State recognizes legal absences or lateness to include only the following:


                *sickness                                                       *unsafe travel conditions

                *death or serious illness in the                  *school-approved music lessons

                  immediate family                                       *required appearance in court

                *meeting a religious obligation                  *required attendance at

                *quarantine                                                   organized clinics    

                                                                                        *required health treatment


    Students must make up the work they miss during absences.  Should the absence be a lengthy one, home instruction will be provided upon application to the office of Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction by the parent.  Upon returning to school, the child must bring a parent/doctor note explaining the cause of the absence.  Homework assignments can be requested of the school by parents after two consecutive days of absence due to illness.  Parents are requested not to withdraw students from school for family trips or extended vacations as the absence is illegal, and the students will not be permitted to seek assignments from their teachers in advance of their absence.  Illegal absences are recorded on report cards.


    If your child will be absent please call our nurse, Caroline Bormann at 792-4610.


    Parents are also requested to schedule dental, medical or other personal appointments for children after regular school hours whenever possible.  Signing students out of school earlier than the dismissal time should be discouraged since it interferes with the instructional program.


    Thank you for your cooperation.




    Lorraine Smyth, Principal, Ed.D.