An Important Message from the Shared Decision Making Team

    The main goal of the Shared Decision Making Team is to better improve our children’s education. We will try to achieve this objective through shared decision-making incorporating representatives from the diverse members of the school community - administration, teachers, support staff (assistants, cafeteria staff, custodial, monitors, nurse, secretaries), and parents. The members of our 2023-2024 Team are:  Lorraine Smyth, Amy Pernick, Mindy Albenda, Samantha Axelrod, Andrea Davis, Alex English, Angela Rice, Stephanie Walters, Jennifer Winn, Jodi Cianciotto and Kristy Kung.

    Our mission is to provide for all of our students a curriculum and an environment that are designed to maximize their intellectual development. Towards this end, we set up both short term and long term goals.  This shared decision planning making team is required by the state.
    The Shared Decision Making Team meetings are held monthly. Visitors are welcomed as observers. If you have any suggestions to offer, they should be in writing and directed to the mailbox located in the Franklin Early Childhood Center office.

    Issues that building teams may consider:

    ·         School Vision and Mission

    ·         School philosophy

    ·         Student assessment and evaluation

    ·         Budget priorities

    ·         Community relations and resources

    ·         Implementation of district curriculum


    ·         Long-range plans

    ·         Communication

    ·         Parent/teacher conferences priorities

    ·         Field trips

    ·         Food service

    ·         Fund raising

    ·         Input on selection of staff

    ·         Intramural and extra curricular activities

    ·         School culture

    ·         Staff development

    ·         Year round utilization and maintenance of facilities

    ·         Volunteers

    ·         Health and safety

    ·         Discipline

    ·         Innovations

    ·         Effective use of existing resources   

    Issues that building teams may not


    ·         Contractual issues

    ·         Evaluation of staff

    ·         Appointment and placement of staff (staff assignment)

    ·         Purchasing and service contracts

    ·         Areas affecting other buildings

    ·         Certain crisis situations

    ·         Job responsibilities

    ·         Discussion of individual students or staff members



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