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    (Organization Of Music Parents At Hewlett-Woodmere)
    OOMPAH, Organization Of Music Parents At Hewlett-Woodmere, is a strong and supportive music parents organization that collaborates with the Hewlett-Woodmere Public School (HWPS) Music Department. Throughout the years, members of OOMPAH have served as chaperones on field trips, helped organize housing for guest artists and clinicians and assisted in fund raising. OOMPAH's membership has grown tremendously over the past few years and has become an important part of the HWPS music program.
    Please look for OOMPAH tables at
    HOMECOMING, the HHS and WMS Musicals
    and all Winter and All District Concerts
    where you can become a member of OOMPAH.
    Thank you for your support of  OOMPAH
    and the Hewlett-Woodmere students who participate in
    Music Department programming throughout the district's schools!