• programsOur school emphasizes a shared responsibility in creating a caring, respectful, and safe school community. Our school theme, “Sticking Your Neck Out for the Common Good,” reminds students that each of us can make a difference. Our curriculum also includes two programs to address the social and emotional development of students. Second and third graders learn about empathy, problem solving, and anger management through classroom lessons that are part of a program called Second Step. These concepts are further addressed in fourth and fifth grade through Steps to Respect, a literature based, bully prevention program.

    A literary atmosphere is evident throughout the building. Each year outstanding children’s authors including Rafe Martin, Suzy Kline, Robert Kimmel Smith and Ralph Fletcher visit with children in their classrooms to share their writing and work with students. Several times a year, students come together as a community of writers to share the writing they have done in poetry, memoir, realistic fiction and other genres. Often, celebrations with parents and other special people are involved in these publishing events. Assemblies feature students reciting poetry and performing in plays. Three reading rooms with mini-libraries provide support materials in a variety of genre. Matching readers with appropriately leveled books enables students to comprehend and enjoy what they are reading.

    Math, Science and Technology (MST) at Hewlett involve guided, hands-on projects that make learning memorable for the children. Flying kites, taking soon-to-be butterflies through the stages of life, and creating biomes in the classroom involve cooperative group work and problem solving. Students research real life problems such as energy consumption and use a variety of media to present their findings. Each Hewlett classroom has its own bank of computers and printer complementing the school computer lab. All are Internet connected. Our newest acquisitions in the area of technology include wireless laptops and interactive whiteboards.

    The Gifted Program at Hewlett provides opportunities for children to apply critical thinking in real life situations. Students work together to tackle practical problems such as, “Do students have enough time to eat?” or “How can we make a difference and prevent kids from smoking?” Each group meets three hours per week with an emphasis on encouraging students to brainstorm ideas and discover among themselves problems and solutions to problems.

    After School Programs have Hewlett children eager to stay late. Kids flock to PTA-sponsored afternoon sessions in sewing, science, drama, cooking and other exciting activities taught by parent and community volunteers. ASAP (After School Assistance Program) offers small group instruction by teachers in the areas of math and language arts. The Rabbits Reading Club attracts booklovers of all ages and the instructional chess program provides strategies for beginners who are learning to play the game. Stock Market, Math 24 Challenge, Scrabble, Music Technology and Web Publishing - - there’s something for everyone! Hewlett’s Student Council is an invaluable experience for students, and benefits worthy organizations including Island Harvest and the local food pantry.