• Office of Instructional & Administrative Technology


     Ms. Amanda Kavanagh

    Director of Instructional & Administrative Technology




    The Hewlett-Woodmere community is dedicated to providing all students with access to technology that enhances their learning experiences.  


    Throughout our schools, from Franklin Early Childhood Center to George W. Hewlett High School, technology is utilized to educate our students and provide opportunities which would not exist without these relevant tools. Technology helps bring lessons to life, provides interactive learning experiences, engages learners and allows for data-driven instruction to inform teaching practices.


    At George W. Hewlett High School, a one-to-one program provides students with a device that supports their learning. The devices are provided for students to use in class as well as at home.  The utilization of devices in the classroom allows for exploratory learning experiences and promotes individualized instruction.  


    Throughout the district, the implementation of Google Chromebooks, iPads and Windows devices allows for students to interact with a variety of platforms and expand their capacity to work with multiple systems to achieve academic success. These tools provide students with an opportunity to participate actively in their learning, create multimedia presentations, advance their research skills, collaboratively edit and create documents and presentations, and much more.  

    Professional development for staff in the area of Technology Integration is essential and continues to be of great importance to the district.  As technology is ever-changing and evolving, we must all work together to expand our skills and provide the most comprehensive opportunities for our students.