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    Dear HES Families,

    On behalf of the faculty, I welcome you to Hewlett Elementary School and thank you for sharing with us the important work of educating your children.  There is no greater trust parents can give than to trust another to help prepare their children for the future.

    We are committed to helping your children build skill sets that will enable them to be good learners, good teammates, and good friends.  Our classroom instruction is designed to prepare students to engage in learning with increasing autonomy.  Children will practice setting goals, asking questions, seeking feedback from teachers and peers, and reflecting on their learning.  They will also strive to be Bridge Builders, who practice C.A.R.E., being Courageous, Active citizens, Respectful of differences, and Empathetic.

    Growing isn’t always easy; it sometimes requires struggle.  Sometimes, children will struggle to learn a new skill or to navigate a relationship.  Our children must learn to thrive in a world that is more complex than it was when we were children.  Together, we can work to ensure that your children’s struggles strengthen rather than weaken them.  We are committed to cultivating a nurturing school environment, where we support your children and help them build on their strengths.

    When I send my three daughters to school each year, I hope that their teachers will see all of the beauty and potential that I see in them.  I hope that when my girls make mistakes, that their teachers are there to guide them and always want what’s best for them.  I promise you that we will always see the beauty and potential in your children.  We are here to support them and believe in them, even when they might not believe in themselves.

    We value your input and appreciate your involvement.  In addition to communicating with your children’s teachers, you can keep up with events at school by following us on Twitter @HES1929 and visiting our website.  CLICK HERE for a list of HES events for families.

    I look forward to working with you this year.  If you have any questions, you can always contact Mr. Frias, our assistant principal, or me.



    Colleen O’Hara