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    Dear HES Families,


    Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  Although we are still preparing for challenges this year, our HES community has demonstrated how strong we can be when we work together.  When we look out for each other and support each other when times get tough, we build bridges that strengthen our community.  In doing so, we serve as role models for our children, who are learning about CARE.


    The health and safety of our students and staff remain paramount.  We continue to follow guidance as we seek to provide our students with the most engaging, meaningful learning experiences while taking appropriate measures to maintain health and safety.  We are excited to welcome all of our students back into the building, and we also look forward to inviting parents to join us, in-person, for special events.


    The challenges of last year reinforced the importance of communicating and building relationships.  At Hewlett Elementary School we will continue to focus on fostering a community of Bridge Builders, who practice CARE, celebrating and striving to demonstrate courage, active citizenship, respect of differences, and empathy.


    Our theme for the 2021-22 school year is CARE to Connect.  Our school community—like all communities—is filled with wonderful, unique, beautiful people who have rich histories and dreams, interests, and talents.  We look forward to connecting with each other, sharing each other’s triumphs and trials, learning together, and growing together.


    Together, we’ll make the 2021-22 school year great! I value your input and appreciate your involvement.  I welcome you to reach out and connect with me or other members of our HES faculty if you have any concerns, questions, or ideas. 


    With CARE,

    Colleen O’Hara, Ed.D.


    Phone: (516) 792-4500

    Email: cohara@hewlett-woodmere.net

    Twitter: @HES1929