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    Welcome to the

    SEPTA Home Page


     Our next SEPTA meeting is Monday,

    April 8th @ 9:30 am @ WEC Board Room




    SEPTA stands for Special Education Parent Teacher Association

    and represents every family that lives in School District #14,

    or who has a child in a private school in School District #14. 


    Our organization supports the special needs of all of our children,

    including those who are gifted, learning disabled,

    twice exceptional and/or general educational learners.


    We actively raise funds so we can provide support for a variety of

    school programs and needs for our children. 


    SEPTA also conducts forums throughout the school year

    on various relevant topics.


    Our monthly board meetings and parent support group meetings

    are open to all and we encourage everyone to attend. Be sure to browse

    around our web content, where we have links and

    newsletters that matter to parents and caregivers alike.


      get involved  

    We encourage you to become a SEPTA member

    and join hands in supporting our kids. 


    Our annual membership fee is $10. It is per family, regardless of

    the the number of children in your family and the schools they

    attend. Please consider an additional donation of $10 or more,
    which will go a long way to help us help the children!


    If you are not a member yet, please click this link to open our

    membership form. You can print it, fill it in and send it to school in your

    child's backpack. Remember, you can also request topics for our forums!


    Please do not hesitate to contact a board member,

    if you have further questions.