• The Academics section will provide information about each of our academic departments.  For each area, you will find information about the standards or framework, programs at the elementary and secondary levels, resources, clubs and activities.  Each area is maintained by the P-12 Department Chairperson or Director.  

    Curriculum Leaders

    Art Education and Music Education, Dr. Andrew Fund 

    Business Education (including Computer Science 9-12) (HS), Mr. Robert Machado

    Digital Fluency (P-12) and Computer Science (P-8), Ms. Amanda Kavanagh

    English as a New Language and World Language, Dr. Nicole Montellese

    English Language Arts, Theatre, and Literacy, Ms. Michele Hochhauser

    Health and Physical Education, Mr. David Viegas

    Mathematics, Dr. Kim Mattes

    Science, Dr. Brian Terry 

    Social Studies, Dr. Jennie Yi