• May 3, 2021 

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Recently, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) petitioned the federal Department of Education (USDOE) for a waiver from the federal requirement for state-level standardized testing.  The waiver has been denied.

    As a result, the NYSED has modified the testing requirements through emergency action by the Board of Regents. These changes are summarized as follows:

    1. Only the federally-required Regents Examinations will be administered this year. These exams include Algebra I, English Language Arts (ELA), Living Environment, and Earth Science (written test only).  The 1,200 minutes of successful laboratory experience will be waived for this year.

    2. In all classes scheduled to end in a Regents Examination, including the four mandated exams listed above, students who achieve a passing score in the class are exempt from the Regents Examination.  A grade of “E” for the Regents Examination will be reflected on their Permanent Record Card* and their official transcript.  Final averages will be calculated based upon the average of each of the four marking periods. The final average will be used to determine eligibility for advanced diploma standing. 

    3. Students enrolled in the classes leading to the four mandated exams may choose to sit for the exam. In all cases, the score for that exam must be reflected on the Permanent Record Card. 

      • If the student’s performance improves his/her yearly average, the Regents Examination score will count as 20% of the student’s final average.

      • If the student’s performance lowers the final average of the first four marking periods,  the final average will be calculated using only the four marking period grades. 

      • In all cases, the official transcript will read “E” for exemption and the score will only be recorded on the Permanent Record Card and NOT recorded on the official transcript. Students may choose to waive the exemption and specifically request for the score to be recorded on the official transcript. 

    The NYSED has published a comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” document related to the administration of these exams. It can be accessed here.  Please review this document carefully before making a final decision regarding the required Regents Examinations.

    Preparing our buildings and classrooms for the safe, effective, and efficient administration of these examinations is an enormous task during a pandemic. While “fully online” students are eligible to sit for the exams, Regents Examinations may only be administered in school. 

    If your child is enrolled in any of the four mandated Regents Examination courses, please sign on to Family ID by June 1, 2021 to indicate whether or not your child will be sitting for the exam(s) and complete the following program registrations based on your child’s enrollment: 



    David J. Flatley

    Interim Deputy Superintendent


    * A Permanent Record Card is the vehicle by which school districts in New York State store the official record of a student’s performance. The data from this permanent record is shared with the New York State Education Department for data analysis.  The student’s official transcript is the record of student performance that is shared with other institutions such as colleges and potential employers.