• HOUR of CODE 2017

    Fourth Annual Coding Event

    at Hewlett Elementary School!

    HES is one of the 65,700+ registered events happening around the world this year. 


    464,538,804 served so far!

    NEW student accounts coming soon!  




Hour of Code 2016

Hour of Code 2016

    HOUR of CODE 2016 
    HES Celebrates Its 3rd Annual Hour of Code. FREE access to everyone ALL YEAR!
    Total participation: 344,617,423 served worldwide.
    Students have written 20,945,862,484 lines of code so far!



    See the Leader Boards at https://code.org/leaderboards  
    HES' Hour of Code from 2015
    Links to your old accounts will still work in 2016 if you know your passwords.
    email jtorresson@hewlett-woodmere.net with your name and your teacher from last year's name. Discovery set up accounts for everyone last year.  HOUR OF CODE asked up not to do that in December; their sight is too busy.
    In a day or so, your your passwords or icon to sign in can be sent to you.
    For most kids, a new account using a personal or parent email will work better as you get older. 
    Join us in our second annual 2015 HES Hour of Code Event
    "All kids should get the chance to try computer programming."
    Find Your Class from 2015-2016.  Click on it.
    Log in to your very own CODE ACCOUNT that your teacher
    gave you and start coding!