The Kindergarten students have been very busy learning the new rules and routines of school. 

Reading Workshop: Students are learning that We Are Readers!  We begin our unit by reading high interest books. Students learn that they can "read" the pictures to tell a story.
Writing Workshop: Why do writers write? Kindergarten students are learning that people write so that others can read what they write. We begin this unit by learning to use shapes to represent pictures. Our pictures can tell stories if they are clear and include details.
Math:  Routines and math tools are explored in the early months of kindergarten. We use math tools and games to help us recognize numerals, count and develop a number sense.   
Fundations: This is a time for students to learn letter sounds and the proper letter formation of lowercase letters. This month students have learned the letters t, b, f, n, and m. 
We've been working very diligently, becoming Amazing Kindergarteners!