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    Just as each age group from pre-K to first grade is unique, Franklin's programs adjust to meet the children's individual needs. Whether it's good handwashing skills or acquiring familiarity with the computers in every classroom, caring teachers assure that children find satisfaction and pleasure in developing skills independently or in groups.

    Franklin offers one of the area's few district-supported open enrollment half-day Pre-K programs. Parents may also choose full-day Pre-K called Pre-K PLUS, a tuition-based program.

    In January, Franklin hosts an orientation meeting for parents of four-year-olds where they can talk with FECC administrators and receive a PTA-guided tour of the building. For further information on our school's Pre-Kidergarten program, please call the Franklin Early Childhood Center at 792-4600.

    Full-Day Kindergarten
    Since 1978, a full-day kindergarten program has offered a curriculum that goes beyond letter and number recognition and social skills building. Five-year-olds experience the arts, language, literature, poetry and writing, begin to understand the concepts of math, science and social studies through hands-on activities and explore their world through trips and cultural arts events.

    First Grade
    Coming under the Early Childhood umbrella in 1996, first graders participate in the observation and analysis of scientific experimentation, tackle genuine problem-solving and integrate reading and writing in the context of good literature and spoken language.

    Before- and after-School programs are available for all Franklin students, from pre-K to first grade.

    Parent Programs
    FECC encourages home/school communication from the beginning of a child’s educational experience with workshops, open houses and other social gatherings, classroom participation and an invitation to serve on school decision-making teams.