Dear Families,

    The following procedures concern a parent's request for dismissal of a child at a time other than the regular dismissal time.  Everyone must have picture id in order to enter the building and pick up a child.


    1.         Except in emergencies, parent(s) must send a note to school stating the reason for an early dismissal.


    2.    Children may be signed out and picked up in the Main Office.  **ALL EARLY DISMISSALS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 2:45 PM.**


    3.    Persons other than the parent requesting release of a child will need written authorization from parent and/or legal guardian.  This request must be presented in sufficient time for the Principal's staff to verify the authenticity of such a request.                                                                                      


    4.    Parent(s) MAY NOT go to their child's classroom to seek dismissal for the child.  Teachers have been informed that they may not dismiss a child to any adult who presents himself/herself to the classroom.


    We know that you can appreciate the importance of these regulations and the necessity that these procedures be followed at all times.  Please feel free to call our office should you have any questions concerning this matter.




    Lorraine Smyth , Ed. D.,