• Read! Read! Read! Summer Reading at HES!


    Summer is an excellent time for children to practice their reading skills and enjoy some great new books!  Below are some tips to help maximize opportunities for kids to indulge themselves in their favorite hobby…READING! 


    Just Right Books

    Children should continue to select books on their “just right” independent reading level.  The summer is a time for children to practice reading skills and, like adults, just enjoy curling up with some good books. Remember, it is always preferable to read a book that is a little too easy than one too hard. See attached lists of books grouped by reading levels for some suggestions. 


    Let Their Interests Guide Them

    Increase access to books that engage your children’s passions and interests.  Especially during the summer months, children should be allowed to expand their reading repertoire and choose from a variety of formats and genres. 

    Please keep in mind that some works of literature may contain language or content that is more mature than your child may be ready for.  The recommendations we have made are based on their literary merit and relevant themes.  Parents should take care to make the right selection for their child.  As always, conferring with your child’s teacher, library teacher, or the public librarian is always a great idea!


    Cultural Field Trips

    Cultural field trips provide the background knowledge that is so important for content area learning.  Collect the field guides, brochures and other print material when you visit these places. Make sure to stop in at the gift shop, which often contains the most engaging informational books. In our opinion, they also make the best souvenirs! Some places of interest that are within an easy drive or train ride from Hewlett are: The Cradle of Aviation Museum, Vanderbilt Planetarium, Long Island Children’s Museum, Nassau County Museum of Art, Sagamore Hill, Museum of Natural History, Central Park and Bronx Zoos, Bronx and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.


    Getting Books into Children’s Hands

    Plan in advance.  There are many ways to provide a bounty of reading materials for your child. Make an experience out of a trip to a local bookstore or library.  Remember to let your children browse when you are shopping in chain books stores such as Barnes & Noble, and also on Amazon.com. The Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library is an excellent resource for material.  Encourage your children to join the Summer Reading Program.  Visit www.hwpl.org for more info.


    Reading To, With, and By Your Child’s Side

    Show your children that reading is a priority by following these three simple steps:

    ·   Reading to your child—they are never too old to listen to you read to them.

    ·   Reading with your child—be a reading partner and share an enjoyable book.

    ·   Reading by your child’s side—be a good model by making time to read your own book or newspaper while your child reads, too.


    Please click on the links below for lists of great books for your child’s reading enjoyment this summer. 


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