• log Dear Tri-State Consortium Visitation Team Members:

    On behalf of the staff and community of Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools (HWPS), I welcome the Tri-State Consortium Visitation Team. Our collaboration with the Consortium has continued to yield the great benefits of continuous improvement, critical friendship, and shared learning. Through previous visitations in English language arts (2003), in mathematics (2006) insocial studies (2010), the District has examined the current state, the desiredstate, and the gaps that emerged. Following the visits, we studied the commendations and recommendations, prioritized the recommendations, and took action to effect systemic change that is sustainable. Clearly, our critical friends on the teams were essential to the process of growth in those academic areas.

    We chose science as the focus of this visit on May 14, 15, and 16, because it is a core subject area that readily lends itself to the incorporation of 21st Century skills and competencies, both in the classroom and beyond its walls. In framing the District's Philosophy of Science Education, the Steering Committee engaged constituent groups in a dynamic dialogue about what students should know, understand, be able to do, and demonstrate as evidence in their journey to becoming well educated citizens and contributors.

    The essential questions that guided our preparation for the visit and for the team's assessment encompass beliefs about teaching and learning in science in HWPS.

    How well aligned and articulated is our P-12 science curriculum?
    To what extent does the P-12 science program in HWPS engage all students in critical and creative thinking and inquiry-based learning?
    How does the P-12 science program in HWPS meet the needs of all learners?
    In so doing, we are bridging between the traditional Tri-State Consortium program assessment (current state) and our desired state of the full integration of 21st Century skills and competencies as evidenced by our Student Outcomes.
    Thank you for committing your time and energies to this invaluable work. I look forward to working with you.

    Warm regards,

    Joyce M. Bisso

    Joyce M. Bisso, Ed.D.