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Educational Software Request Form

Please click the link above to complete the Educational Software Form. Your submission will be reviewed and you will receive notification upon approval.  This form must be submitted each time a request is made.  This form is to be used for a renewal or a new request.   District Policy #6700 requires the competitive selection process when choosing software.   This means that you must consider a minimum of three distinct software products when making a selection (including when it is time to renew).  If the software that is selected for purchase is not the lowest cost software that was considered, the rationale must specify unique features, options, and benefits to the users that would warrant not purchasing the lower cost product.     Factors that are considered when making a decision regarding your software selection:

  • Documentation from the vendor confirming that the software complies with all required Federal and New York State laws and regulations for use in a public school setting, including Education Law § 2-d.
  • Will the software be replacing or supplementing existing software?
  • What is the cost associated with the product?
  • Was the software selected as a result of a competitive selection process?