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Health & Physical Education

David Viegas

Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools/GW Hewlett High School

60 Everit Avenue, Hewlett, NY 11557



Physical Education

Physical Education is a required subject for all students in grades K-12. When students reach the commencement level of the learning standards for physical education, they will have the knowledge and skills to participate in a variety of healthy activities; understand and appreciate the benefits of maintaining a healthful lifestyle; understand how to evaluate and access resources in their community to pursue a healthy and active life; and will be aware of the many career opportunities available in this field.

Physical Education Lifelong Practices:

One new aspect in these Standards is the inclusion of the Physical Education Lifelong Practices, which reflects the changing expectations of what it means to be physically literate today. To optimally support this vision for physical education planning, coursework and instruction based on the Physical Education Learning Standards should develop within the context of the Physical Education Lifelong Practices. The practices are intended to be the context for the standards and to extend beyond graduation. It is important that students acquire lifelong practices promoting community membership, a healthy lifestyle, and the positive impacts of physical activity.

Physical Education Lifelong Practices

  • Demonstrates perseverance and resilience
  • Advocates for self, others, and community
  • Respects and embraces individual and cultural differences
  • Adapts to multiple environments
  • Acquires skills necessary to live a healthy life
  • Demonstrates a commitment to safety
  • Uses motivational strategies to encourage self and others’ participation in a physical activity
  • Exhibits civility when confronted with adversity
  • Connects the physical well-being to social emotional wellness

What are the New York State requirements for PE?

All students in K-12 must attend and participate in a physical education program.

Health Education

A standards-based design process allows educators to differentiate between what is essential for students to know. Health educators and elementary teachers, with mandated responsibility for providing health instruction, have influence on in their classrooms and health education programs. Understanding, applying and following the stars is critical to the success of the total health education program.

Navigational Stars:

  • Standards-Based
  • Skills-Driven
  • Scientifically Research-Based
  • Learner-Centered
  • Strength-Based
  • Authentic
  • Integrated Into the Total Educational Program
  • Provided by Qualified and Skilled Teachers
  • Fully Supported by the School and Community

A Closer Look at the Health Education Skills:

  • Self-Management:
  • Relationship Management:
  • Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Advocacy
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition Functional Knowledge
  • HIV/AIDS Functional Knowledge (7-12)
  • Sexual Risk Functional Knowledge (7-12)

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