• Elementary Mathematics

    Remote Learning Resources for Investigations

    Math Words and Ideas      
    English             Spanish

    Digital resource that provides an overview of the year’s mathematics work.  It provides a closer look at the ideas and the kinds of problems students encounter, examples of student solutions, and questions that students and families can talk about together.  Most Daily Practice and Homework pages in the Student Activity Book include a correlation to the Math Words and Ideas.  

    Game Center  
    English             Spanish

    Digital versions of most of the games (including directions and recording sheets) in the Investigations curriculum.  On the top right, you can select Espanol for Spanish editions.

    Math Tools
    English             Spanish

    Digital tools that can help students complete content in the Investigations curriculum.  On the top right, you can select Espanol for Spanish editions.


    Online Student Workbooks

    Kindergarten:    English              First Grade:       English             Second Grade:  English   

    Third Grade:      English              Fourth Grade:    English             Fifth Grade:      English


    IXL Skill Plans 
    The links below show the IXL skills that can be practiced for each Investigation Unit.

              1st Grade         2nd Grade          3rd Grade         4th Grade          5th Grade


    Investigations At-Home Resources

    These are collections of activities that can help reinforce mathematics at home.  Families are encouraged to complete these activities together.

    Addition and Subtraction K-4          English             Espanol

    Multiplication and Division 2-5       English             Espanol

    Measurement K-5                               English              Espanol

    Geometry K-5                                       English              Espanol

    Counting K-2                                         English             Espanol

    Fractions and Decimals 2-5              English              Espanol

    Data K-5                                                 English              Espanol


    Online Student Account Access

    Students can login and access resources below as well as any assignments that may have been assigned by their teacher.  The login information is the same as what students use to log into the computers while in school.  
    Username:  First and last name (no spaces)
    Password:  Hewlett#####   (The #s should be replaced with the student id number)  
    ***Please note:  Some students have created their own password.  
    Important Note:  Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Class Link.  If you do not have it, please download it here.  If the above link is unable to load, please click here and enter the login information, as well as, the word Hewlett in the third line.
    IXL Math
    Each student has login information to be able to access practice questions on grade-level by standard.
    FASTT Math
    Students have login information and can practice fluency of number operations.

    FASTT Math Stretch
    Students can practice math facts and number computation through playing adaptive games.  The login information is the same as FASTT Math.

    Khan Academy
    Work on the skills you choose at your own pace.

    Math 4 Children Plus
    Students can find games, worksheets with answer keys and quizzes by grade-level and topic.

    Summer Skills Practice
    Sample skills to practice by grade-level.  All sheets can be printed out.

    Math Games
    Math games to help students practice skills.