Google Classroom

    Connect with your students through Google Classroom.  Post notes, handouts, assignments, assessments, announcements and more with Google Classroom.
    How to Guide Google Classroom 
    Google Documents

    These include general documents, presentation (slide show), and spreadsheets.
    A How To Guide to Google Docs
    Google Forms

    Create a survey, form, questionnaire or quiz using Google Forms.  Create questions, share with a link, all data comes back in an easy to read Google Spreadsheet.
    How to Guide to Google Forms
    Ways to use Google Docs in your classroom:
    • Students can work on essays in Google Docs, share them with their teachers or peers and can edit their work in real time.  This function can be used for peer editing.  Teachers can grade essays in Google Docs and completely avoid any printing or paper use.  

    • Group presentations can be created in Google Slides.  As a viewer, you can see the Revision History and can see who edited the presentation and specifically what they did.  This is a great way to make sure that ALL group members are doing their part of the project.  

    • Teachers can upload and store their documents, notes, and handouts in Google Drive.  This will allow teachers to link their Docs to their website, post in Google Classroom or another learning management system with ease.  Once a Doc is in Google Drive, you can access it from anywhere and students can as well.  

    • Google Forms: A simple way of creating forms/quizzes/assignments for your students.  Forms can have multiple choice questions, paragraph responses, text boxes among other ways to respond.  You can create forms for homework assignments, quizzes, or even parent contact information.  Once the form in created, it can be linked to a blog/site or emailed to those you want to complete it.  The responses come back in a nicely organized Google Spreadsheet that is easy to use and access.  Click HERE for a sample form.


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