• Course Objectives:


    • Students will learn basic technology skills including document creation and formatting, spreadsheet, presentation and Internet research tools.
    • Students will learn how to manage their workstations and explore computing devices effectively.
    • Students will prepare for and participate in college and career planning activities, which will include resume preparation, interviewing techniques and developing a college/career plan. The Naviance program will be used as part of the process.
    • Students will be educated on Internet safety, email etiquette, and the impact of social media on their lives and future.
    • Students will be introduced to the concept of creative computing which is the fundamental tool for the creation of software applications.


    Grading Requirements:


    Each student’s quarterly grade will be based on the following:

    a.  Tests and quizzes:              40%

    b.  Classwork:                         60%

     The students are required to take a comprehensive final exam, which will equal 20% of the final average.