• Course Objectives:


    1.      Identify basic features of economic systems and analyze major features of the U.S. economic system

    2.      Prepare materials to demonstrate individual qualifications in the career search/acquisition process

    3.      Develop skills in presentation and procedures to secure a position

    4.      Recognize skills needed for success in a chosen career and how that relates to work performance to achieve individual success in the workplace

    5.      Compare, contrast, and evaluate various financial services, including:  Banking, Investments, Credit, Budgeting, Insurance, and Consumer Protection


    Grading Requirements:


    Each quarter there will be approximately 3 tests and 2 projects.  The tests could have multiple choice, fill in the blank or problem based questions.  Each student is expected to come to class on time and prepared.  Each student is expected to act in a mature and professional manner when in the classroom.   The following is a breakdown of how the student will be graded each quarter:

    Tests – 65% of quarter grade

    Projects – 35% of quarter grade