• HWPS Art Department Webcast Art Gallery
    The Hewlett-Woodmere Art Department, in coordination with the Music Department, is proud to offer its students another opportunity to display their artwork to the world! Over the course of the school year, various musical performances are broadcast over the internet to a world-wide audience and then archived for later enjoyment. With the guidance of their teachers, student artists throughout the district contribute various works of art that is incorporated into the production of each broadcast. The Webcast Art Gallery provides the Hewlett-Woodmere community a continued opportunity to reflect upon these great works of art!

    Tip: Click on the i  in the top left corner in order to see the name of the artist.

  • Why Take Art?
    Learning to respond to, perform, and create works of art teaches children and young adults the skills, values, and habits of mind crucial to their assuming roles in our social, cultural and economic life.  Not only do the arts require self-discipline, creativity, and confidence to succeed, but these and other important habits stay with students and help them succeed in other areas of school, life, and work.
    Research shows the benefit of arts education: 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th grade students who reported a high level of instruction and participation in the arts showed higher levels of confidence about their own academics than did low arts children.
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