• Woodmere Middle School

    Physical Education Rules and Regulations

    1.      Every student WILL have a school lock and locker in the gym locker room for their own use.  There is NO SHARING OF LOCKS AND LOCKERS.  All lockers must be kept locked at all times.  Always lock your locker when leaving the locker room.  All valuables should be locked up.  Clothes should be placed in your locker and locked up too. Books may be left of the benches but do not place any valuables in or on your binders.

     2.      Locker Room – There is to be absolutely no fooling around in the locker room.  Students are not permitted to climb on anything.  Once you have changed and locked up your valuables you should immediately exit.  You are not permitted to “hang out.” Cells phones and electronic devices must also be shut off in the locker rooms and are not allowed to be used.

     3.     No Jewelry may be worn during Physical Education for safety reasons, this includes watches, Fitbits, rubber bracelets, string bracelets and other misc. jewelry.

    4.     Proper Dress Attire: Athletic style shorts and pants without pockets, belt loops, and zippers (for example no cargo shorts or pants and no jeans of any kind).  T-Shirts, sweatshirts, all shirts should fit comfortably (no stomachs, bra straps, backs etc. should be visible, school dress code should be followed in the gymnasium as well.) Sneakers with laces or Velcro must be properly fastened.  No platform sneakers, Athletic – style sneakers”. Socks must be worn. Students may leave clothing in their lockers so that they are prepared for different types of weather or just simply wish to change for class.

    5.      Class Procedures: 4-5 minutes allowed for dressing at the beginning of the class. When the teacher starts class, you are to go to your floor sports or assigned area immediately. Whenever you hear a whistle, it means to stop whatever you are doing and give your attention to your teacher.

    6.      You are not permitted to CHEW GUM, EAT OR DRINK FROM A WATER BOTTLE in the gymnasium or locker room.

    7.     Grades: Students will be given a daily grade based on cooperation, effort, respect for classroom safety rules and respect for others. If you are unprepared for class, 5 points per class session will not be earned. The scale for grading is from a 5 (lowest) to a 10 (highest)

     8.      Excuses – In order to be excused from activity, a student should have a note from a doctor, nurse, or parent.  An excuse for more than two classes requires a doctor’s note. Doctors notes are given to the nurse. Notes should have clear dates or amount of time listed that they student will be unable to participate. If a date or allotted amount of time is not indicated student will not be able to participate in ANY activity until medically clear from a DOCTOR.