You Can Do It

Possible Extra Credit Assignments: You may choose one per quarter

  • Trading Cards: Choose 4 mathematicians and create trading cards for each. Research biographical information on each one. Use 3 x 5 index cards to make a trading card for each of the mathematicians you choose. The front of the card contains Mathematician name, mathematician's picture, your own personal logo. The back of the card contains Mathematician name, date of birth, Place of birth (city, state, country), date of death (if deceased) contribution to mathematics, and explain how contribution affects your life.


    Brochure: Create a 3-fold (6 columns) brochure. All text you write must be typed. Remember to document your resources. The brochure must contain:

    • A title and a picture of a famous mathematician.
    • Information about his/her birth (date, locations, parents) and death if deceased
    • Information about his/her early childhood and family, places lived
    • Information about his/her education
    • A description of contributions to the field of mathematics
    • A timeline of where your person fits in history-what events were taking place during his/her lifetime


    Poster Board: Make a bulletin board using poster board. Some examples would be collage of all the uses of Math in Everyday Life, a bulletin board of Famous Mathematicians, or a bulletin board How Math is used in Sports.


    Math Puzzle: Make a math puzzle. Examples include but are not limited to number search, cross-number puzzle, crossword puzzle using mathematical terms, word search using mathematical terms. You should have at least 25 problems in each puzzle. You must include an answer key


    Abacus: Make an abacus and write one page where it originated and how it is used


    Drawing a Cartoon: Make a comic strip that demonstrates or explains a mathematical technique or concept. The comic strip must contain 5 panels minimum, clearly drawn characters, an explanation of a mathematical technique, concept or rule, and elements of humor, irony, drama etc. Examples include but not limited to Triangle Angle Sum, Quadratic Equation, Radical Equations, Combining Polynomials, Arithmetic Series, Logs


    Mobile: Make a mobile. An example would be to make a mobile out of durable, colorful replicas of 3 dimensional geometric figures such as a cube, rectangular prism, cone, cylinder, and sphere


     Research Paper: Research a famous mathematician, mathematical concepts, or any mathematical idea.  Then write a research paper of a minimum of 500 words.  You must cite at least three sources and the research paper must be typed.