• Acid Concentrations and Radish Growth
     ExperimenterBrandon Lake
    Problem:  How does the concentration of acetic acid solution influence the growth of Raphanus sativus?  
    Hypothesis:  The higher the concentration the less growth will be observed due to the increasing level of aciditiy in the water.
    Experimental Design: Four 1020 trays were each filled with 6 liters of potting soil and sowed with three rows of 20 Raphanus sativus seeds.  After 5 days the seeds germinated and an original measurement was taken.  After germination the four trays were given 200 ml of a different concentration of acidic acid (0%; 5%; 10% and 15% concentration) every other day.  Measurements were taken at specific time intervals and the growth was compared.    
    Please enjoy the following selection of pictures.