• Growing Basil - Aquaponics vs' Distilled Water
    Experimenter:  Asma Rasheed  
    Problem: How is Ocimum basilica (Sweet Basil) germination and early growth influenced by aquaponics water?
    Hypothesis:  The presence of aquaponics water will enhance the percentage of seeds germinated as well as promote more vigorous early growth due to the elevated levels of nitrate found in aquaponics water versus distilled water.   
    Experimental Design:  100 Ocimum basilica seeds were evenly scattered in two separate 1020 growing trays filled with 6 liters of expanded clay pellets.  One tray was given aquaponics water and the other was given distilled water.  A humidity dome was placed over each 1020 tray.  Measurements for germination percentage and early growth mass were taken over a one month period.  
    Please enjoy the following selection of pictures.