Court Cases

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    302.343 HAR Cyberbullying and the law / Harasymiw, Therese.

    320.4049 KOZ Federalism / Kozlowski, Darrell J.

    320.973 STA State and local government, 2004-2005 /

    331.109 JOB Jobs in America /

    341.67 KEN Korematsu v. the United States : Kenney, Karen Latchana.

    342.73 EPS Constitutional law for a changing America : Epstein, Lee,

    342.73 KRA Affirmative action / Kranz, Rachel.

    342.7306 NOB Presidential power on trial : Noble, William.

    342.7306 VAN United States v. Nixon : Van Meter, Larry A.

    342.7307 AME Amendment XIX :

    342.7307 SER Bush v. Gore : Sergis, Diana K.

    342.7308 GIB Student speech on the Internet : Gibbs, Jesulon S. R.,

    342.7308 GOL Roberts v. Jaycees : Gold, Susan Dudley.

    342.7308 HAY The First Amendment in schools /

    342.7308 HER New York Times v. United States : Herda, D. J.,

    342.7308 MCG New York Times v. Sullivan and the freedom of the press debate : McGlone, Catherine.

    342.7308 VAN Dred Scott v. Sandford : Van Zee, Amy.

    344.73 MCP Lau v. Nichols: McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino.

    344.7304 FRI Cruzan v. Missouri and the right to die debate : Fridell, Ron.

    344.7305 DOH Gun control on trial : Doherty, Brian,

    344.7307 MCP The Bakke case and the affirmative action debate : McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino.

    345.7302 BAL Murder in Mississippi : Ball, Howard,

    345.7307 HIN Furman v. Georgia and the death penalty debate : Hinds, Maurene J.

    345.7619 ACK Scottsboro and its legacy : Acker, James R.,

    345.7625 COL Racism on trial : Coleman, Wim.

    346.7303 SER Cipollone v. Liggett Group : Sergis, Diana K.

    346.7308 PET McCulloch v. Maryland : Pettifor, Bonnie.

    347.73 UNI The United States Supreme Court /

    347.7326 BAU The Supreme Court / Baum, Lawrence.

    347.7326 BRA Supreme Court drama : Brannen, Daniel E.,

    347.7326 LIV Contemporary Supreme Court cases : Lively, Donald E.,

    363.3309 GOL Gun control / Gold, Susan Dudley.

    649.73 JAC Teens take it to court : Jacobs, Thomas A.

    959.704 BEL The Vietnam War on trial : Belknap, Michal R.

    American law yearbook 2011

    R 322 DJU Encyclopedia of American religion and politics / Djupe, Paul A.

    R 342.73 SAV The Supreme Court and individual rights / Savage, David G.,

    R 342.7308 UNI Supreme Court cases on gender and sexual equality, 1787-2001 / United States.

    R 344.7307 RAS We the students : Raskin, Jamin B.

    R 344.7307 RAS We the students : Raskin, Jamin B.

    R 347.73 HAR Landmark Supreme Court cases : Hartman, Gary.

    R 347.7307 RAS We the students : Raskin, Jamin B.

    R 347.7326 FIN Landmark decisions of the United States Supreme Court / Finkelman, Paul,

    R 347.7326 PAT The Supreme Court of the United States : Patrick, John J.,

    R 348.7348 SUP Supreme court decisions and women's rights :