• Some of the most helpful tips can come from your peers:


    Here are some reminders and tips that some students found useful about the library.


    "Always remember to sign in to your account. If you don't remember your password, ask Ms. Dirks or Ms. Angert." - Rachel, 10th grade


    "Some databases are better to use than others. It depends on the topic that you are researching" - Matt, 11th grade


    "I always thought that the computers in the library were not used often. But, when I left my tablet at home one day, I was thankful that the computers were there because I had all of my F drive info and could continue working on my project. Those computers helped me through that day!" Mike - 11th grade


    "Cite everything that you do. If you don't, you can get caught plaigarising...even if you didn't think that far ahead. Better to be safe, than sorry." Sara - 10th grade


    "Once you understand how the OPAC system works, finding the books that you need become so much easier.  I now know where to find fiction, non fiction, reference books, and more in the library." Sam - 10th grade


    "Don't touch the printer if it doesn't work. Let Ms. Dirks or Ms. Angert know immediately. They will fix it!" Bryan - 11th grade