The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is charged with providing periodic updates to the Board of Education on a variety of topics. Copies of the presentations associated with these reports can be found here:  

August 2013 

 New York State 3-8 Tests

September 2013

 WMS Averages of Students in ICT and Non-ICT Classes

October 2013

CPR Proposal


November 2013  

Viability of AP Capstone and IB Programs

December 2013 


January 2014

WMS Course of Study Guide 


February 2014


Proposed Programmatic Initiatives 


Local Graduation Requirement - 3 Years of Mathematics 


Common Core Algebra Update 



March 2014

 April 2014 The Current State of STEAM
 May 2014 Evidence of Student Outcomes
 September 2014 NYSED 3-8 Tests
 October 2014 Tri State Consortium Science Report
 November 2014 HHS Student Participation/Achievement
 December 2014 HHS Course Approvals
 January 2015 HES Discovery Program
 January 2015 Programmatic Initiatives
 February 2015 STEAM
 April 2015 Technology Update
 May 2015 Evidence of Student Outcomes
 September 2015 Report on NYSED 3-8 Tests
 October 2015 HHS Student Participation and Achievement
 November 2015
 December 2015 HHS Course Proposals
 January 2016
 March 2016 Special Education Services
 April 2016
 May 2016 Student Outcomes
 September 2016 3-8 Testing
 December 14, 2016 DASA/VADIR
 January 2017 Programmatic Initiatives
 February 2017 Mathematics Update
 March 2017 Instructional Technology Update
 April 2017 Special Education Update
 May 2017 Student Outcomes
2017 Superintendent's Conference Day Program
2016 Superintendent's Conference Day Program
2015 Superintendent's Conference Day Program