Board of Education Members

     Debra S

    Debra Sheinin, President

    Board Member since 2018
    Committees: Audit, Buildings and Grounds; Long-Range Transportation;  Recreation and Athletic Facilities (Alternate); Public and Private Schools
    Term Expires: 2021
    Cheryl May, Vice President
    Board Member since 2011 
    Committees: Audit; Health, Safety and Wellness;  Long Range Transportation; Policy; Recreation & Athletic Facilities; Communications, Special Education (alternate)
    Term Expires: 2023 
     Paul Critti

    Paul Critti, Trustee

    Board Member since 2019 

    Committees: Legislative; Public and Private Schools; Health, Safety & Wellness; Policy; Recreation and Athletic Facilities
    Term Expires: 2023

    Melissa Gates, Trustee 

    Board Member since 2012
    Committees: Communications; Legislative; Special Education (alternate); Health, Safety & Wellness (alternate)
    Term Expires: 2021

    Mitchell A. Greebel, Trustee

    Board Member since 2013
    Committees: Audit; Public & Private Schools; Special Education
    Term Expires: 2022
    Judy Menashe, Trustee 
    Board Member since 2018 
    Committees: Health, Safety and Wellness; Policy; Special Education; Legislative; Audit (Alternate); Communications (Alternate); Buildings & Grounds (Alternate)
    Term Expires: 2021
    Daniella S Daniella R. Simon, Trustee 
     Board Member since 2016
     Committees: Long Range Transportation; Buildings & Grounds; Recreation and Athletic Facilities; Communications; Legislative (Alternate); Policy (Alternate); Public & Private Schools (Alternate) 
    Term Expires: 2022