• During the Month Of November we emphasized the importance of staying active and ways to prepare for the fitness test.  In class we began testing for the Presidential Fitness Challenge.  There are 5 main components of this strength test: Upper body, abdominal, flexibility, speed/agility and cardio-vascular endurance.  We test our students in grades 2-5 in all 5 areas twice a school-year, in November and again in April.  The students are prepared thoroughly in Physical Education class by participating actively in warm-ups and activities that involve all or most of these components.  The actual test includes: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Flexed Arm Hang, Sit and Reach and The highly anticipated Pacer test.
    In December we begin Tumbling/Gymnastics.  We progress during this unit starting with movement and rolling.  We complete the second week with more advance rolls, balance beam skills and routines, Jumping Vault Skills, Inverted Skills and Partner Stunts. This unit provides an opportunity for students to step outside the box and try movements that they are not used to doing. Thus developing and strengthening upper body, flexibility and balance of their bodies.
    January is officially Harry Potter Month in the Gymnasium.  This is our most highly anticipated unit.  The students put on their creative thinking caps and take on and adventure in the gymansium.  See my Harry Potter page for more details and pictures.  While students are participating in Harry Potter in the gym, the other class are clowning around during our Circus Arts unit in the auditorium.  They develop juggling skills and learn how to spin a plate, use devil sticks, diablos, stilts, balance boards, scarves, cigar boxes and much more.
    February is Officially Healthy Heart Month.  During this month healthy heart and nutrition education is learned through activity.  The students learn what it takes to keep their hearts healthy.  They also learn and understand what a risk factor is.  We also teach the students about nutrition and making healthier choices every day..  (Myhealthyfood plate.gov) is a wonderful reference site to view how to balance our diets and make healthy eating choices.
    March Madness month in Phys. Ed.  Students participate in a developmental basketball unit.  The first week entails skills development such as ball control, dribbling techniques, passing and shooting.  The followng weeks are lead-up games and activities to help develop these skills.  Fourth and Fifth grade get to play 5 on 5 full court sideline games and regular games.