• Math
     Here is our year-long calendar:

    Math Units


    September/October: Unit One

    Understanding Equal Groups: Multiplication and Division I

    January/February: Unit Five

    Cube Patterns, Arrays, and Multiples of 10: Multiplication and Division II

    October/November: Unit Two

    Graphs and Line Plots

    March: Unit Six

    Fair Shares and Fractions on a Number Line

    November/December: Unit Three

    Travel Stories and Collections: Addition, Subtraction and the Number System I

    April/May: Unit Seven

    How Many Miles?: Addition, Subtraction and the Number System II

    January: Unit Four

    Perimeter, Area and Polygons

    May/June: Unit Eight

    Larger Numbers and Multi-Step Problems: Multiplication and Division III

    Click here to access math resources from the Hewlett-Woodmere School District: District Mathematics Resources