• Parent Teacher Conferences for December 6th-7th 
    These are the appointment times that you signed up for on Back to School Night. If you did not sign up for a time, you may e-mail me at cbialt@hewlett-woodmere.net or send me a note. Please choose three dates/times in preferential order, just in case your first choice is taken. I will make appointments on a first come first served basis. Letters are sent home for confirmation approximately two weeks before conferences. 
    Appointment Tentative
    Appointment Confirmed
    Monday 12/03 Tuesday 12/04 Wed 12/05 Thursday 12/06 Friday 12/07
    7:30am open
    7:45am Oliver Schulman
    7:30am open
    7:45am open
    7:30am open
    7:45am open
    7:30am open
    7:45am open
    2:30 pm Delilah Bittle (mother)
    6:00pm Salvatore Castro
    6:15pm open
    6:30pm Jacob Marro
    6:45pm Eden Sandler
    7:00pm Delilah Bittle (father)
    7:15pm Deniz Verdiev
    7:30pm Leo Chen
    7:45pm Liam Karutchi
    8:00pm Noga Preis
    8:15pm Hank Goldstein


    7:15am open

    7:30am open

    7:45am Luke Rossdale

    8:00am open

    8:15am open

    8:30am Ben Abramovich

    8:45am Sophia Abramovich

    9:00am Ben Lamdan

    9:15am Jake Tucker

    9:30am Libby Baigel

    9:45am Mia Kronfeld

    10:00am Khloe Guevara

    10:15am Roy Lebouvich

    10:30am open

    10:45am open

    11:00am Dylan Beyda

    11:15am Mischa Zhang

    11:30am Ismael Martinez

    11:45am Nathan Pierre