Grade                   Comments


    8-9                  1.         clear, well-developed thesis

                            2.         understands complexity of question; deals with all parts of the

                                        question in depth

    3.            provides effective analysis of the question; some imbalance


    4.            supports thesis with substantial, relevant information

    5.            may contain insignificant errors

    6.            well organized and well written



    5-7                  1.         contains a clear thesis with limited development

                            2.         limited or lack of understanding of complexity; may deal with

                                        one part of the question in some depth, or all in a more general


    3.            limited analysis, mostly describes

    4.            supports thesis with some factual information

    5.            may contain minor errors that do not detract from overall essay

    6.            clearly organized and written, but not exceptional



    2-4                  1.         lacks a thesis, or thesis may be confused or underdeveloped

                            2.         ignores complexity; may deal with one part of the question, or all

                                        elements of the question in a superficial way

    3.            weak or inappropriate analysis; largely descriptive or


    4.            lacks supporting information, or information given is minimal

    5.            may contain major errors

    6.            weak organization and writing



    0-1                  1.         no thesis

                            2.         may simply paraphrase or restate question

                            3.         no analysis

                            4.         incompetent, inappropriate response

                            5.         contains many major and minor errors

                            6.         disorganized and poorly written