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    Keyboarding Practice Sites
    Warm Up Exercises
    Warm up with some exercises by Nimble Fingers
    Animated keyboarding skills program
    Touch Typing

    Free Program that lets you exercise and learn Touch Typing

    Meteor Typing Blast

    Flying Meteors and UFO's are coming at your spaceship in every direction.  Type the words above the objects before they run into your ship or zap you.  Use the SPACEBAR for your shield.

    Save the Sailboat Race

    Falling letters are ruining the sailboat race.  Type the words or groups of letters before they run into the boats.  Have fun!

    Frogs Off Their Diet!

    The Frogs are Off Their Diet! Frogs are eating all the letters. Help them stay on their diet by typing the letters before they get swallowed!

    Dance Mat Typing
    Meet the gang and learn to type.  Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist.
    Find the Letter
    Need a quick practice...you are at the right place!
    Cup Stacking
    Stack and unstack the cups by typing the letters on them.  You can type the letters only when they are black.
    Alpha Drop
    During game play a letter will drop, hit the corresponding keyboard key to remove the letter and gain points.  You can gain bonus points by hitting duplicate letters. 
    Super Hyper Spider Typer
    Help Berry the hairy spider climb to the top of the tree and escape from the hungry chameleons!