To all HHS PTA members
    * NOTE: If you are not a member of HHS PTA, please go to our "Membership Form" webpage to join. The membership form to print and submit includes a line for your email address.
    To keep you informed of HHS PTA events and important information updates, we would like to include all members on our email distribution list for the current school year. 
    • You are a HHS PTA member
    • AND have not provided your email address to HHS PTA
    • AND want to receive email notifications from our HHS PTA throughout the year
    • Copy the following form, paste in the body of an email and send to PTAofHHS@gmail.com
    • OR print this page, fill in the form below and submit to the HHS PTA mailbox
    Yes, I would like to receive HHS PTA emails  _____


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    Please return via email or leave it in the HHS PTA mailbox at:
    George W. Hewlett High School
    60 Everit Avenue
    Hewlett  NY  11557
    Contact the co-presidents at PTAofHHS@gmail.com