Guidelines and reocmmendations for codes or behavior for coaches, participants, spectators and adminidtrators in inter-scholastic competition.
    Section VIII - Nassau County
    It is the duty of all those concerned with hight school atheletics to emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play under all circumstances.  The values to e derived from playing the game fairly should be stressed and any actions that tend to destroy those values should be discouraged.  Courtesy should be shown towards opponents, officials, supervisors, spectators and administrators.  Efforst must be made to achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game sand the standards of eligibility and to respect the integrity and the judgment of the sports officials.  It is important for all to recognize that they purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional well being of the individual players.  MOST OF ALL it is the duty of all concerned with high school athletics to remember that an athletic contest is only a game and should be kept in that perspective.   
    The Spectators are expected to:
    1. Conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.
    2. Respect officials, coaches and players and extend all courtesies to them.
    3. Refrain from feet stomping, disrespectful remards and the use of noisemakers.
    4. Be quiet when players need totoal concentration such as free throw in basketball or a serve in volleyball.
    5. Obey the regulations of the building and grounds and those who do not conform shoudl be brought to the attention of the building aurthorities.
    6. Understand that schools are responsible for teh conduct of their respective spectators, whether at home or away.