SEPTA Meeting Dates & Events
    2021 - 2022

    September 20th @ 9:30am at WEC

    October 12th @ 9:30am Joint PTA meeting with SEPTA/FECC at FECC

    November 15th@ 9:30am at WEC

    December 1st @9am Joint PTA meeting with SEPTA/Ogden at Ogden

    January 10th @ 9:30am at WEC

    February 15nd @7pm joint PTA meeting with SEPTA/Hewlett Elementary at HES

    March 21st @ 9:30am at WEC  

    April 8th SEPTA Autism Acceptance Day run/walk FECC, Hewlett, Ogden, WMS & HHS

    May 23rd @ 9:30am at WEC

    All SEPTA Board Meetings are on Mondays at 9:30 AM at the
    Woodmere Education Center (WEC) Board Room, One Johnson Place, Woodmere at the corner of Broadway, near the Library
    (unless otherwise noted)
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