• Welcome back to an exciting school year at Hewlett Elementary.  We are especially excited to welcome our  new Principal Mr. Uccellini and Assistant Principal Mrs. O'Hara.  As we enter our new school year there are many exciting events to look forward to.  One of our school's popular reading selection "The Giving Tree" has many life lessons to be learned.  It teaches students the importance of providing friendship. Students working together through activity and getting along with one another is a key component to life and to our classes.  In addition, we are asking students to learn about their own bodies health and wellness.  For example: exercise, activities, stretching, safety, being nice to someone are always to help your body feel good and this can be reflected in attitude and behavior toward others.
    We are eager to start teaching the children.  Please remember to check your son/daughter schedule.  Be sure to send them to school with the proper clothing on the days they have Phys. Ed.  It is important that they wear comfortable clothing; sneakers, no jewelry, no dresses or skirts, no shoes, boots or sneakers without backs. etc.  Please contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns about this.
    During the month of September we are looking forward to setting up the classes with floor spots, introducing to the rules and safety of the gym.  We are also playing games that encourage cooperation and learning each others names.  After this we will begin soccer/football.  We encourage good sportsmanship, throwing and kicking skills and offensive/defensive strategy. d to share this by bringing a picture in to hang on the bulletin board.  
    In October we are celebrating our annual Pep Rally Assembly.  At this assembly we will teach the students the importance of school spirit, about a pep rally, homecoming etc.  We will have drummers drumming, cheerleaders kicking, athletes speaking, guest speakers, and a special guest who will rally the students spirit. The color of blue and white will be filling the auditorium....