• What is Reading Workshop?

    During Readers' Workshop, reading instruction takes place with the whole class, small groups, partners, and individual students. Development of reading strategies is the focus of this time.  During Independent Reading time, students read “Just Right Books” (books on their individual level).

    What is the Structure of Reading Workshop?


    • The teacher models a skill, strategy or a strong reading habit that students should emulate and use during independent reading time.
    •  The mini-lesson connects to a previous lesson and is a part of an ongoing unit of study.

    Independent Reading

    • Students independently read, log and apply strategies/skills taught.
    • Students read books from their “Just Right Book” baggies. They have selected these books from our classroom leveled library.
    • This time is also used for partner talk, conferring with teachers and small group instruction.


    ·         This portion of Reading Workshop is a recap of the mini-lesson. Here students share the skill or strategy they used during their independent reading.


    What is a Reading Conference?

    While the children are reading independently, the teacher provides direct instruction to a group of students or to individual students (conferences).  These conferences have a certain structure to be effective.  The teacher:

    • Sits by the child, reviews notes of previous conference, and observes the child as he/she reads.
    • Begins conference with a comment about an observed strength the child shows - a compliment.
    • Teaches a skill or strategy that's needed to help improve the child's reading.  Just as in a mini-lesson, it's best to decide on one teaching point for a reading conference.
    • Demonstrates and then has child try to do it. 
    • Compliments the effort and restates the teaching point as a goal for student to work on.
    • Jots notes for each conference including strength mentioned and new goal.

    (adapted from Growing Readers by Kathy Collins)