• Math Workshop


    “Our work is driven by the desire to transform classrooms into communities of mathematicians: places where children explore interesting problems and, like mathematicians, engage in crafting solutions, justifications, and proofs of their own making”
    -Cathy Fosnot, MitC

    Our Math Workshop supports a mathematical community in which students have the ability to engage in real life math inquiry. Students participate in worthwhile mathematical tasks, while providing evidence of their thinking, and clearly communicating it to their peers. The purpose of Math Workshop is to foster the students’ ability to discover mathematical ideas, hitting landmarks in math at their own pace, working with their peers in math congresses to learn from one another, seeing the connections in calculations, and building their own meaning.


    Components of Math Workshop



    Investigations are carefully crafted math situations that foster a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematical ideas, strategies, and models.



    Mini-lessons are brief lessons that guide students to discover number relationships through number strings.


    Math Congress

    Often times when students complete a mathematical investigation, a math congress is held. During a math congress the class gathers together to share their big ideas and to discuss their own unique solutions and strategies. This high level of communication allows students to build their mathematical vocabulary and clearly explain their mathematical thoughts.